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Kurt's victory worth millions

When Norwegian Kurt Nilsen participated and won the World Idol competition, he secured millions of free publicity. Now his giving some of it back by singing at TV 2’s fundraiser.

05.01.04 13:07

While Nilsen is relaxing after the commotion after the World Idol victory Thursday, the experts are calculating the net worth of his performance. Arne-Inge Christophersen with the media agency Initiative Universal Media is one of them, and he have calculated the Norwegian’s performance has a marketing value of more than NOK 50 million (USD 7 million).

The estimate is based on the fact that there were approximately 100 million people world wide who saw the show.

“He has not only gotten valuable exposure through television, but he has also managed to stand out in such a way that newspapers, magazines and radio stations have covered him in a very positive way both before, under and after the competition,” Christophersen said to Kampanje, and he called Nilsen a dream case for anyone working in marketing.

“He has been separated out as a believable and different artist; there has not been any packaging, but just a pure product of high quality which has been promoted.”

He estimates that the television ads are equal to the television exposure Kurt got would have cost more than NOK 50 million (USD 7 million) to purchase.


Nilsen is travelling to Kenya on Wednesday to shoot footage for the annual fundraiser for PLAN, which will be sent at the Norwegian television channel TV 2 this weekend.

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