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Kurt partied with the stars

Norwegian World Idol-winner Kurt Nilsen mingled with Beyoncè and Justin Timberlake at the Brit Awards Tuesday.

The World Idol winner was invited to Britain by the record company BMG, writes the Norwegian paper VG. Nilsen arrived at the awards ceremony with representatives from BMG and Halvor Marstrander from Playroom Management.

According to Marstrander, several famous artists and record company representatives came up to him and congratulated him with his victory in the World Idol competition.

«Many said he had an amazing voice,» Marstrander explained to the paper.

Nilsen seemed pleased with his evening among the stars.

«It has been a very nice evening and a fantastic show,» Nilsen said.

«And we have met an enthusiastic lot from BMG.»

Looked forward to The Darkness
Nilsen spent the rest of yesterday giving interviews to the British press and met with BMG in England, but Nilsen allegedly looked most forward to meeting The Darkness.

«I’m looking forward to meeting the Darkness guys,» Nilsen stated. «And then Beyoncè, Justin Timberlake and a whole bunch of other great stars are here too. It’s just surrealistic. I’m just peanuts compared to them. I think its just fun to follow a concert on such a high level.»

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