Kurt thrilled by international success

Idol winner Kurt Nilsen is at least as popular abroad as he is at home, and the sale of his CD recently passed 100,000.

«I’m completely speechless! I said that I would shout of joy if we sold 10,000 albums abroad. Now, I’ll shout ten folded,» Nilsen said to the Norwegian paper VG.

According to numbers presented by his record company BMG, Nilsen’s debut album «I» has sold 55,000 copies in Germany. The second best selling country is Canada where 10,000 albums are sold. The remaining albums are sold in Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

The massive sale is topped by no less than 172,000 copies sold in Norway.

«It has been some journey. To tag along for a race like that is demanding, but it makes you a better artist,» Nilsen explained to the paper.

Nilsen can look forward to a launch in Great Britain, where BMG has decided to put great effort into launching the world Idol. Nilsen is going to play for representatives of the British music industry in London on Tuesday.

Cecilie Torp-Holte at BMG Norway said to Dagbladet that Nilsen will get an extensive launch in several countries in the future.

«Kurt is being launched across great parts of Europe now,» Torp-Holte said to the paper. «He will eventually also be launched in countries where the Idol concept is not known through national competitions. In the record company, he has so-called «Global priority». That means that all countries within the BMG system are required to present his work.»

Even after a year in the focus, Nilsen said he still enjoys the ride.

«It’s not many Norwegian musicians who get a chance on the British market, and I take this as a compliment,» Nilsen said to the paper. «This is an amazing chance.»

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