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Labor organization asks for Ryanair boycott

Ryanair has been deemed hostile to labor unions and one Norwegian labor organization now asks its members to boycott the Irish airline.

Fagforbundet, the largest organization within the Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions, asks its 300,000 members to boycott Ryanair.

According to Fagforbundet, it is the employees who pay for the cheap tickets.

“This is about solidarity in practice,” said Gerd Kristiansen, a member of the top management in Fagforbunet, to the Norwegian financial paper Dagens Næringsliv. “It is why we ask our members to stay clear of Ryanair.”

Recently several labor unions demonstrated against the company outside the Charleroi airport in Belgium. Critics claim that Ryanair’s employees are afraid of getting organized, and that the company ignores international laws giving employees a level of job security.

Ryanair reject the criticism and claims that the company’s employees do not organize because they gain more by negotiation directly with management.

In a Norwegian consumer report published this February, an article quotes former employees in the airline who strongly criticize the job conditions. According to the article, the pilots sit as much as eleven hours in the cockpit without breaks.

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