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Lagerfeld's H&M clothes in the stores

For the first time a world famous designer has collaborated with a clothes chain like H&M. Karl Lagerfeld’s collection was launched in selected stores Friday.

Lagerfeld reportedly contacted Hennes & Maurits and proposed to design clothes to a fraction of what he usually demands for his creations. The last couple of years, Lagerfeld has created his own line and a line for Chanel, but they have seldom been sold as cheap as now.

Good design
The line is presented in selected stores today, Friday.

«My opinion of «ready to wear» is that whatever level it is, the clothes must be just as good as the most expensive brands,» Lagerfeld stated in a press release. «Design is very important, and good design is no longer a question of price.»

Vanessa Rudjord, fashion editor of Elle, said Lagerfeld’s philosophy is definitely a part of this line.

«You can clearly see that he is head of design at Chanel,» Rudjord said to Absolutt Underholding, and she claims the designer is giving much of himself when he designed this line.

Complete line
«Lagerfeld for H&M», as the line is called, is going to be sold at the clothes stores ordinary price level. It consists of the clean, sharp lines Lagerfeld is known for and is a contrast with the rest of the softer feminine line H&M presents this fall.

Lagerfeld has provided everything from silk dresses to suits, shirts and jeans, as well as bags and accessories.

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