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Large oil slick may be from Norwegian "Tricolor"

Foto: TV 2
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The authorities in Belgium issued a disaster alert after an oil slick was discovered. The oil slick may be from the Norwegian registered ship “Tricolor”.

The ship carrying cars, sank in the English Channel in December last year.

A 30 kilometres long and approximately 3 kilometres wide oil slick was discovered in Belgian waters, 55 kilometres north of the French costal town Dunquerque, Monday. The slick was drifting and approaching Dutch waters.

As of early Tuesday morning, there had not yet been any reports of contamination of the Belgian coast. The authorities in the western part of the country gave orders that a plane was going up to get an overview of the situation as soon as possible.

The wreck of “Tricolor” is lying on its side on about 35 meters depth, in one of the world’s busiest fairways. Attempts to salvage the ship have several times been postponed because of bad weather. The plan is to cut up the ship and remove it piece by piece.

Experts on salvaging have managed to free “Tricolor” of about 1,400 tons of fuel oil, while 540 tons has escaped and 50 tons is supposed to still be in the ship. “Tricolor” had 3,000 new cars on board with a collected value of almost NOK 220 million when it collided and sank.

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