Lawyer fined for absurd case

The judge claimed that the lawyer’s work in court was so poor that she sentenced him to pay compensation.

According to Judge Ruth Anker Høyer, the fine is compensation to the government for what she claims to be an absurd case.

According to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten, the lawyer is finned to pay NOK 15,000 (USD 2140) for wasting the courts time.

«The court has come to the conclusion that the claimant and his counsel have refrained from collecting a minimum of professional and judicial knowledge which is the basis for this case that they have filed, something which the court finds to be unacceptable,» stated the judgement from Judge Høyer in Oslo country court.

This case involved particularly complicated evaluations of computer techology issues, and Judge Høyer was allegedly not impressed by the claimant’s lawyer.

After eight days with main proceedings, the claimant lost the case and his lawyer got his ears full and was fined by the judge.

«It is the court’s opinion that the lawyer first of all has neglected to carry out the most elementary investigations in order for his party’s argument could be proved. Secondly, he has advised his party to file a suit based on untenable interpretations of the law,» wrote Judge Høyer, according to the paper.

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