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Lene Marlin's CD available on the Internet

Someone has published Lene Marlin’s entire CD “Another Day” on the Internet ten days before the official issue. The record company is furious.

This means that the fans can down load the entire CD for fee. So far the single “You weren’t here” has been the only sample given to the fans.

Virgin record company blames it on an unfaithful servant.

“At this point there are so many people involved in the distribution that it is difficult to prevent things like this from happening,” said Per Eirik Johansen, head of Virgin to the paper Dagbladet.

Hans Olav Grøttheim, head of the Norwegian EMI/Virgin, hopes to stop the persons behind the web page.

“This is not boyish prank, and it can inflict great losses for us, Lene Marlin and the producers. This is just not very nice,” Grøttheim said to the paper VG.

The legal version of the CD will be released in Norway and the rest of the world September 22.


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