Gå til sidens hovedinnhold

Liv Grete sacrifices the World Cup

Liv Grete Skjelbreid Piorée will probably skip the five World Cup contests in the US after the World Championships. She states that she wants to spend time with her daughter Emma and that is more important than a combined World Cup victory.

“The final decision hasn’t been made yet, but much indicates that I will stay home,” said Skjelbreid Piorée. “If I’m going to go, I have to be in a really good shape.”

Skjelbreid Piorée is now leading the world cup after yesterday’s placing as second runner up in Pokljuka. Now both of the yellow shirts are hung up at the Norwegian-French family from Hålandsdalen since her husband Raphaël is leading the men’s world cup.

“It is a little strange to have both of the yellow shirts in the family,” Skjelbreid Piorée said. “That has never happened before, and we have been joking around with that.”


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