Long food strike likely

Salary negotiations for employees at food storages start Wednesday. The likelihood of strike is considered to be great, and most grocery chains will most likely be affected.

Norsk Transportarbeiderforbund, the union for transportation workers, demands an additional 1.4 percent salary increase for the union organized workers.

The demand has resulted in strong reactions among the employers who are represented by Federation of Norwegian Commercial and Service Enterprises (HSH). If the demand is accepted, it is feared that it may have contagious effect.

As a result, it feared that the likelihood of strike is great. If the negotiations collapse and bring about a strike it will then start Wednesday April 21, and increase continuously.

«We have plans ready for a four week long strike to begin with,» said Per Østvold, leader of the Norwegian Federation of Trade Union’s Norsk Transportarbeidforbund, to the Norwegian financial paper Dagens Næringsliv.

A strike may stop the delivery of over half of the goods to the three large, private grocery chains in Norway; Norgesgruppen (including Kiwi, Spar among others), Ica (Rimi) and Reitan group (Rema 1000).

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