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Longer hours, less pay

Norwegians have to work more and get paid less, or the jobs will disappear, claims financier Jens Ulltveit-Moe.

Norwegian workers have to accept to work more for less salary. It is an absolute necessity in order to save the jobs, claims Ulltveit-Moe, industry owner and former president of the Confederation of Norwegian Businesses and Industry (NHO).

The employees of Hansa Borg Bryggeri accepted salaries cuts last week. The employees of the airline company SAS have also accepted a pay cut.

«I think this is really good,» Ulltveit-Moe said to the Norwegian television channel NRK. He claims that by accepting pay cuts, employees secure their workplace.

He claims a cut of salary is the only way of maintaining a competitive edge.

«I want to invest in Norway, but I can’t do that in the competing export industry with the development that we have in salary increases,» Ulltveit-Moe said.

He claims that the most important thing is to increase the working hours in order to cut the costs per hour. In Norway, an ordinary working week is 37.5 hours.

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