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Lottery millionaire blackmailed Norway's richest

Foto: Terje Bendiksby (Scanpix)

One of the people who tried to blackmail Norway's wealthiest couple, Stein Erik Hagen and Mille-Marie Treschow, had previously won NOK 1.5 million at the national lottery.

12.08.03 13:03

According to VG the 49-year-old won NOK 1.5 million in the 1980s, but has spent it all, some of it on loans that have not been paid back to him.

The other man who is charged with blackmailing is 48 years old and unable to work after being attacked and burgled four years ago. This man used to work as a taxi driver.

«Very upset»

Both men were arrested for two weeks in Larvik, Norway, on Monday.

«My client is very upset and does not understand why he has been put in prison. He has appealed against the decision», said the 49-year-old's lawyer.

The lawyer of the 48-year-old did not want to say much about the case, stressing that he wanted as little media attention as possible.

His client has admitted having sent letters to Treschow and Hagen, but the lawyer did not want to give information about the number of letters or when the last letter was sent.


Former head of beverage company Farris, Jens Hole, also received a letter from the two men who are charged with blackmailing.

«I laughed when I read the letter. It was so silly, way too stupid and put in an extremely childish language», said Hole, adding:

«I was thinking of going to the newspapers with it but my clever lawyer advised me to go to the police with it. Now I am glad I did that».

Mille Treschow's mother is said to have been subjected to blackmailing as well.

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