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Lowest emissions in Oslo

Foto: ILLUSTRASJON/Scanpix/Knut Fjeldstad (Scanpix)
Oslo, Norway's capital, has the lowest emissions of CFCs per capita compared with seven other major Nordic cities.

A new report being presented on Monday in Reykjavik, Iceland, indicates that the total emissions of CFCs per capita in Oslo are about 2 tons annually, writes the Norwegian Dagsavisen, according to Norwegian news bureau (NTB).

Stockholm, Sweden’s capital has emissions amounting to 3 tons, while Copenhagen emits 5 tons. Finland’s capital Helsinki has the highest rate, and emits 7 tons annually.

The report called ‘By for by’, is compiled of environmental surveys collected from Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Oslo and the two Swedish cities Gothenburg and Malmö.

The main reason why Norway does well in this survey is mainly because two thirds of the energy used in the city is hydroelectric power. Furthermore, two thirds of the power used by the public transport system is supplied by hydroelectric power.

Motor traffic emits the largest emission of CFCs in Oslo. Approximately half of Oslo’s inhabitants drive to and from work, while only four percent has one or more passengers.

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