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Lyn's Sørensen is finally back

Foto: Tor Richardsen (Scanpix)
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ULLEVAAL (TV 2 Nettavisen): Jan Derek Sørensen, age 31, is finally back at top after a rough start after his comeback at Lyn, but if he still refuses to say if he is going to continue playing for the Oslo team.


“To make the two goals was possibly the most fun thing I have done all year. We have finally started to play ball again, but we were really lucky that we did not loose today,” said Jan Derek Sørensen to TV 2 Nettavisen after the victory over Tromsø.

Sørensen received a pat on the back by the entire team after a good game, but he himself was not entirely satisfied.

“I actually thought I played rather bad today. I’m pleased with the goals, but that is all,” the former Borussia Dortmund and Rosenborg star said.

Two years left

After the turbulent period when the club got rid of Teitur Thordarson and Sture Fladmark, Sørensen called in sick for two weeks and indicated that he wanted to leave the club. Despite the changes the last couple of weeks, Sørensen do not want to comment on his future at Lyn.

“I do not want to discuss this with the media,” Sørensen said.

“Jan Derek has two years left of the contract so I suspect that he will stay with the club. And I am now pretty sure we will save the spot in the Tippeligaen also,” said Tommy Berntsen, the team’s coach.

Everybody loves Tommy

Lyn’s players were lining up to congratulate their coach after yet another victory.

“Tommy has a great part of the honor why we have started to get points. He is as tough as they make them and he focus on what is simple. And he is very smart,” Sørensen said.

Even though Berntsen has the full confidence of the team, he does not want to continue to coach Lyn next year.

“I want to play, not coach. I’m 29 years old, and I want to play a couple of more years, so the club has to find another solution next year,” Berntsen said.

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