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(Foto: Thomas Bjørnflaten/Scanpix)

Major support for antismoking law

A new pull indicates that 72 percent of the Norwegian population think smokers should respect the new smoking law which takes effect June 1.

In addition, as much as 80 percent think that if someone decides to breach the ban and light a cigarette, the person will be asked to put it out, according to a press release from Folkehelseprogrammet (the public health program). The pull was conducted by the Folkehelseprogrammet in Østfold and ACNielsen.

«We will as of June 1, in cooperation with the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association (NAAF), visit most bars and restaurants in the entire county,» said Arvid Wangberg, head of Folkehelseprogrammet. «We will inform people of why it is so important for many people that they take the law seriously as of day one. The pull supports our belief that we are fighting for a good cause.»

Secretary-general Ørnulf W. Andersen at the NAAF was also pleased with the results from the pull.

«These are good numbers,» Andersen stated. «After June 1, a number of asthmatics and people with allergies can visit the bars and restaurants, and it is therefore important that the law is followed.»

The main reason for the law change which takes effect June 1, is a better work environment for the waiting staff, but also for the many asthmatics and people with allergies and respiratory problems.

«This indicates that most people understand why it is necessary to establish new laws,» Andresen stated. «Tobacco smoke does after all affect an innocent third party.»

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