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Man's best friend stabbed

A Labrador was stabbed several times with a knife by three unknown men Saturday night. The dog’s owner, age 19, and the dog finally managed to escape.

The incident took place at a cabin in Eggedal, Buskerud.

The dog’s owner managed to escape the incident without any injuries, but the dog was badly hurt.

Will make it
«But according to the information we have been provided, the dog has somewhat recovered and it appears as if he will make it,» said Jan Otto Rugsveen, police officer at police department at Krødsherad to the paper Drammens Tidende.

The dog and its owner were at an isolated cabin when three men in their 30s and 40s came driving up on snow scooters and broke into the cabin.

Escaped to the neighbour’s
The 19-year-old was allegedly threatened before the men stabbed the dog. After a while the man and his dog managed to escape to the nearest neighbour and called the police.

The police have allegedly arrested the three perpetrators.

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