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Man accused of murder after mystery TV show

Marianne Rugaas Knutsen (7) forsvant fra sitt hjem i Risør i 1981.
Marianne Rugaas Knutsen (7) forsvant fra sitt hjem i Risør i 1981. (NTB Pluss arkiv)
Members of Risør Township have pointed out the man they suspect murdered Marianne Rugaas Knutsen 22 years ago after watching a murder mystery TV program. The man denies all accusations.

The clear-sighted in TV Norge’s program “Fornemmelse for mord” (Perception of murder) made a drawing of the man they claim murdered Marianne Rugaas Knutsen, the girl disappeared from Risør 22 years ago and whose body was never found. The clear-sighted also claimed that the man may have been connected to the church in Risør.

The local community in Risør is now all talking about the man who matches the description given by the clear-sighted.

“I am naturally frustrated by the situation, but I do not let this get to me,” said the man to the local paper Agderposten. “I do not feel the need to defend myself, but if someone asks, I can inform them that I was not in Norway, but on a cruise, when Marianne disappeared 22 years ago.”

Erling Refsland, police officer at Risør police department has followed the Marianne case since she disappeared 22 years ago. He confirms that they have received several leads on specific persons, but that the information has so far not lead to any further investigations.

“I am aware of the fact that rumours are circulating, but I would strongly advise against this kind of talk,” Refsland told Agderposten.

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