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Man acquitted of peeling apples

He was thrown in jail and fined for weapon possession after peeling an apple with a pocket knife on a bench in a grave yard. After a court case, he was finally acquitted.

The Oslo police department did not get much out of the apple case against the taxi driver Sverre Moen except maybe the apple core.

It all started May 6 of this year when 50-year-old Moen was enjoying his lunch on a bench in Vestre Gravlund in Oslo and peeled an apple with a knife.

«When I was hurrying off to the car to make the appointment with a physically disabled customer, two police officers suddenly jumped out of their car,» Moen explained to TV 2 Nettavisen.

The police claimed that Moen looked suspicious, and put him in cuffs when they discovered that Moen had a pocket knife.

He was taken to Majorstua police station, where he was frisked and thrown in jail.

«I was allowed to make a call to the switchboard to inform that I could not pick up the physically challenged people who were waiting for me,» Moen said. «After four hours they came and said that I was released. I was handed a fine of NOK 6,000 (USD 880) for carrying a weapon in a public place, my pocket knife, that is. I know the law, but it’s not made for the people who peel apples is it.»

Moen, who works as a driver and drives physically challenged people and social security recipients to their appointments in Oslo, thanks his colleagues in the firm Gode Busser AS for helping him to take the case to court.

«If I had not worked for such nice people who promised to pay the lawyer’s bill, I would not have able to,» Moen explained.

Moen is pleased by his victory, but he admits that the incident has weighed heavy on his mind during the summer.

«The hours in jail was actually so traumatic that I had to see a doctor,» Moen said. «Today, I thank my wife for all the support.»

The case started in Oslo county court Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, Moen finally got the verdict; acquitted.

Never peel an apple again
«I’m pleased and happy,» Moen said. «Much has become backwards in Norway, but this indicates that there actually is justice in this country after all.»

He even got his knife back, but he has decided not to peel an apple in public ever again.

«No, I’ll eat the apple with the peel on after this,» Moen concluded.

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