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Man cut off his legs, demands compensation

A 45-year-old Vietnamese cut off his legs and one hand in protest against a 21 year jail sentence for double murder. Now he demands compensation.

The Vietnamese demands millions in compensation because the jail did not take better care of him.

Killed woman and her son
A 34-year-old Vietnamese woman and her 10-year-old son were found killed in an apartment at Kaldnes outside Tønsberg in January 1997.

The woman and her son had most likely been dead since New Year’s Eve. Both of them were brutally murdered by several stabs to the neck region.

The suspicion fell upon the 45-year-old shortly thereafter, suspected of killing his ex-wife and stepson.

In spite of the fact that there was never located any technical evidence which connected the 45-year-old to the murders, he was sentenced to 21 years by Agder county court.

Hydraulic shear
The Vietnamese was moved to Ila prison. Without any warning the man managed to cut off both of his legs and one of his hands with a hydraulic shear at the workshop.

He was rushed off to hospital. He is now completely in need of nursing, and he was placed in a care facility outside Tønsberg. He is now serving in Berg prison.

The 45-year-old protested loudly when he was sentenced in Tønsberg city court and later in the county court.

His actions at the workshop at Ila can only be viewed as a further protest of his sentence.

Should have watched him better
The 45-year-old’s lawyer, Olav Stake from Tønsberg, said to TV 2 Nettavisen that his client has always denied connection to the double murders.

«My client has sued the government for a larger million amount, connected to the losses he will suffer when he is done with his sentence and is going to try to live a normal life again. He claims the officers at Ila prison should have watched him better, so that he could not have cut of his legs and one of his hands.»

The case will start in Oslo country court October 11.

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