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Man cuts off own finger for insurance claim

A man cut directly to the chase when he tried to swindle the insurance company by cutting off his own finger.

23.12.03 12:14

According the paper Vårt Land, the man tried to cut off his own finger in order to get insurance money.

The problem was that he had tried the same trick before and received payment for it.

The insurance company therefore became suspicious when the man once again filed a claim regarding the finger he lost.

The insurance business and social security authorities reveal an increasing number of frauds.

Preben S. Røe, information director in Norwegian Financial Service Association (FNH) said to the paper that the number fictitious work accidents have increased.

Besides work accidents, the number of vacation accidents claims has increased. It is apparently popular to try to pan off cosmetic operations aboard as vacation accidents. In addition, it has become very common to try to swindle insurance companies by reporting suitcases filled with very valuable contents missing.

FNHs numbers indicate that insurance fraud for NOK 216 million (USD 30.8 million) were revealed last year, and the number will increase this year. However, this is expected to just be a fraction of the actual fraudulent cases which are filled every year.

Also social security authorities have put more resources to reveal fraud. The social security authorities reported fraudulent cases equal to NOK 34 million (USD 4.8 million) to the police last year, and the number is expected to increase this year.

The National Insurance Administration established a special task force in 2000 to deal with social security fraud. The following year the task force revealed frauds for NOK 17 million (USD 2.4 million) while the number was almost doubled that in 2002.

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