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Man drove drunk to L-test

A man drove for one hour under the influence in order to take the written test at the office of the Norwegian department of motor vehicles.

Last week, the man was going to take the test for a truck license when the employees at Statens vegvesen, the Norwegian department of motor vehicles, became suspicious, according to bt.no.

When the 50-year-old wanted to take a license for driving a commercial truck, he had to drive to the neighbouring township at Statens vegvesen’s testing offices in Voss. The trip to the offices took one hour.

It has not been reported if the man was trying to clam his nerves when he took one for the road, but regardless of the reason, the man showed up at the testing offices under the influence.

“We noticed that he smelled suspiciously, and we decided to contact the police,” said Hogne Skjervheim, department engineer at Statens vegvesen.

When the police arrived, the man tested positive for alcohol.

“The man blew red,” said Ivar Hellene, police officer at Voss police department.

According to the local paper Hordaland, the man managed to finish his test before he was arrested. At the police department, a blood test was taken, and his driver’s license was seized.

The man had to take the bus home.

If the man is convicted of driving under the influence, the result of his written test will be irrelevant because he will loose his driver’s license, and he have to take the test again.

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