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Man dumps strip club bill on his bank

The Norwegian business man used a small fortune at an exclusive strip club in Germany. He now demands his bank picks up the bill.

The man claims he just ended up in the club accidentally and that he was drugged. He now demands that his bank, DnB, pays the bill for the club visit.

The Norwegian was on a business trip to Germany last summer. On the evening of June 30, he arrived in Düsseldorf, and around midnight he ended up at the exclusive strip club. The man states that he was served drinks, and afterwards he felt that everything was hazy, reports the Norwegian financial paper Dagens Næringsliv.

The man claims he remembers nothing from the evening after finishing his drinks. When he came to himself, his VISA card had been charged four times, adding up to almost NOK 50,000 (USD 7,246). The man claims that he was forced to sign the bills.

In its answer to the man, the bank states that he accepted the charges to his card by signing the bills. The bank has also received information that the bar is «an exclusive and very popular night club with a number of different services including entertainment by nude women. The amount of NOK 48,941.17 (USD 7092.92) does not appear to be extraordinary high for a place like that with such a large range of services.»

The complaints commission for banks, which has evaluated the man’s case, does not believe the man’s statement either, and the commission has not ruled in favour of the man.

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