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Man expelled after peeing in boat's restaurant

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The crew just lost it when a man opened his fly and peed in the boat’s most fashionable restaurant. They called the police and had him thrown off the boat.

The crew was so annoyed with the 47-year-old man from Bergen that they finally just called the police and demanded that the police came and picked him up, even though, the boat was still at sea, according to the Norwegian newspaper Bergens Tidende.

The incident occurred Thursday night on board the MS Fjord Norway which goes in rout between Norway and Denmark. The 47-year-old ill-behaving man ended up in the police’s drunk tank at Haugesund.

«He must have made a lot of noise since they didn’t want him on board the short distance to Bergen,» said Harald Myklebust at Haugalandet and Sunnhordland police district, to the paper.

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