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Man gives soda bottle bomb to the police

Sist oppdatert:
The police in Florø got a quite a shock Monday morning – a home-made bomb containing 600 grams of explosives.

A youth in his twenties gave the bomb to the police and explained that someone gave it to him at a private party this weekend.

“The bomb was perilous, and as powerful as three hand grenades. We had to contact bomb experts from the military in order to disarm it,” said Leif Bell, head of operations at the police department in Florø in Sogn og Fjordane to the paper Firdaposten.

The military experts and a representative from the police took a boat out to one of the islets and detonated the bomb.

“In a room, this bomb could have been deadly,” Bell said.

The bomb consisted of black powder which was encapsulated in a half litre bottle with tape around it and a fuse made of electrical wires. Encapsulated black powder has a very powerful effect if it is detonated.

Both the youth who handed in the bomb and a person in his thirties who possible made the bomb, are being questioned by the police. The motive for handing the bomb over to the police is unknown.

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