Man kills prostitute and burns her clothes

The theft of some Valium had enormous consequences for the 28-year-old prostitute. The owner became so furious that he killed her and burned her clothes in the oven.

11.02.04 13:26

Bergen county court convicted the 52-year-old man to nine years in jail for the murder of the 28-year-old woman.

The man had allegedly been subscribed Valium for the past 30 years to deal with his anxiety and claustrophobia. He picked up the prostitute in Laksevåg in Bergen May 15, 2003.

At the home of the 52-year-old, she undressed while he went to the bathroom. In the meanwhile, she found the pills and was eating them when he came back.

Lost it
«What the hell is going on?» the man said, allegedly irritated by the fact that the woman took the pills which gave him comfort.

The woman became frightened by his reaction and pulled out a kitchen knife which she held up in front of her.

Earlier in the evening, the man allegedly been swindled out of NOK 1500 (USD 220) by another prostitute. Bergen county court believes that these two events just were too much for the man.

In court, the man explained that he just lost it. The man stated that he remembers little of the incident. The man took the knife from the woman and then strangled her.

After the murder, the man burned her clothes in the oven before he called the police and informed them of the murder.

The court took into consideration that the man called the police and informed of the murder, but the court states that it was aggravated as he used several minutes to kill the woman, and he therefore must have done it with intent.

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