Man shot during dog hunt

An elderly Albanian man was allegedly shot by a Norwegian soldier during a dog hunt in Kosovo during the summer of 2001. He was allegedly paid to keep his mouth shut.

20.02.04 11:11

The shooting episode allegedly occurred north of Kosovo’s capital Pristina during the summer of 2001, stated military sources to the Norwegian paper VG.

The shocking pictures of some Norwegian soldiers who amused themselves shooting dogs in Kosovo were revealed Thursday, and the reactions have been severe.

The Norwegian military is now going to investigate the statement that an Albanian man was injured by Norwegian soldiers who were off on a dog hunt.

«But this is going to take some time since the event occurred some time ago,» said Thom Knustad, press officer, to the paper.

The Albanian’s hand was allegedly hit by a rifle bullet. The man explained that he was standing in the garden, raking leaves, when he was hit.

After the shooting, the soldiers allegedly drove the man to the hospital and paid him not talk about the incident.

The incident was allegedly investigated by military police after it became known, but it is not known how far the investigation went or what it concluded.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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