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Man was dead in his flat for a month

An unbearable stench and a large number of flies in the staircase made neighbours contact the police. In one of the flats a 77-year-old man had been dead for a month

Towards the end the stench increased significantly but none of the residents in the block of houses outside Bergen, Norway, thought about the possibility that the smell could some from a dead body, reports Bergens Tidende.

Yesterday one of the residents realised that the smell could be connected to the fact that they had not seen the 77-year-old for weeks.

As the janitor unlocked the door, he found the man dead.

«The death s deeply tragic but it seems to have been a natural death. There are no signs of a criminal action,» said the police.

The dead man is said not to have mad many relatives. He did not have contact with many of the neighbours and stayed by himself most of the time.

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