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Man went berserk with axe

The police drove him home after they found him extremely intoxicated by the road. At home, he went berserk and attacked his girlfriend with an axe and a pitchfork.

The incident took place in Førde Saturday night, according to the local paper Firda. After the police had left him on his doorstep, the man went completely berserk.

He picked up a pitchfork outside the house and hit a car, most likely his own. Well inside the house, he allegedly threw a spade after his girlfriend who managed to run off and lock herself into a room.

The man in his 30s tried to break down the door to the room where his girlfriend was hiding with an axe.

The woman managed to call the police, who immediately responded. The police took the furious, intoxicated man to the police station where he spent the night.

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