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Many robbers do it for the kick

Norwegian research indicates that people committing robberies do not commit them for the money, but for the thrill.

The new research report «Liv og lovbrudd» (life and crime) states that there are other things that are more important than obtaining cash when people commit robberies.

«Of the people we interviewed, several of them said that it is about excitement rather than money,» said Kristin Hanoa, researcher at University of Oslo, to the radio channel Kanal 24.

The research report, which focuses on store and kiosk robberies, will be presented Friday.

Oslo has been haunted by a number of brutal robberies of stores, kiosks and gas stations during the last couple of weeks. The police at Stovner district have now been allocated resources to focus on solving the many robberies.

«These robbers use a lot of brutality, they shoot in the air, hits and kicks,» said Bjørn Hansen, manager at the police department, to the radio channel. «The entire station is going to work on robbery cases if necessary to get an end to this.»

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