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Maria Mena at Letterman

At the time when Maria Mena’s album «White Turns Blue» is launched in the US, the young musician is invited to perform at David Letterman.

The Late Show, which is aired on CBS, is viewed by about 4.5 million Americans, and the young girl from Norway has been invited to perform on the show. Before this, Mena is also going to open for the Hansons in Atlanta, Washington, Boston and New York, according to the Norwegian paper VG.

«It’s correct that she is going to open for the Hansons, but what happens after that, when her album goes on sale, is more important,» said Rune Lem from Gunnar Eide Concerts, Mena’s manager, to the paper.

The shows are a part of Teen People Rock ‘N Shop Mall Tour.

However, Lem did not want to confirm to VG that Mena was going to perform at the Late Show, even if the news is published on Columbia Record’s homepages.

Kanye West, the American hot shot producer, has earlier said very nice things about the 18-year-old artist. West has occupied the Billboard list this spring with the album «College Dropout» which entered the list in second place. He said to Entertainment Weekly that Maria Mena’s song «You’re the only one» is the hottest song playing on American radios right now.

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