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Mass evacuations from the Ivory Coast

Foto: (AFP/Scanpix)

French authorities want to evacuate 8000 French citizens from the Ivory Coast. The UN has also started evacuations, but Norwegian authorises are awaiting the situation.

There are currently about 14,000 French citizens in the country, and the French authorities want to evacuate between 4000 and 8000 of them.

«It’s on voluntary basis,» said a spokesperson for the French embassy in Abijan, according to the Associate Press. «We are not planning to evacuate all French citizens, there are too many of them.»

Continuous updates
Norwegian authorities are awaiting the situation. The Norwegian embassy is closed, and the embassy employees remain at their homes. There are currently no plans of evacuate any of the 53 Norwegians the Ministry of Foreign Affairs knows are in the country. The majority of them are in Abijan or the area surrounding the city.

«We are assessing the situation hour by hour, and we have not made any decisions regarding a possible evacuation, but we are of course looking at what the French are doing,» said Eirik Bergesen, acting press officer, to TV 2 Nettavisen.

UN employees to be evacuated
UN will evacuate their about 40 employees. The UN personnel have, together with a group of about 1000 people, taken refuge at the UN head quarters in Abijan in order to escape from riots and plundering.

Another group of 1600 foreigners have taken refuge at a French military base.

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