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Maxime Carr moves to Sweden

Maxine Carr
Maxine Carr
Fellow convicts are furious after information was leaked that Maxime Carr, one of Britain’s most hated women, will be given a new life in Sweden paid by the British government.

When Carr is released from jail in the near future, she will move to Sweden.

She was convicted to three and half years in connection with the murders of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, both age 10, in the little town of Soham. Her boyfriend Ian Huntley lured the children into his house, where they were raped and killed.

Carr was convicted for helping Huntley after the murder, and among other things, gave him a fake alibi.

Carr will be released from jail May 17, but since she risks being lynched in Britain, she will move to a new life in a secret location. According to the Brit paper Daily Star, Carr is moving to Sweden.

To give Carr a new life in Sweden is going to be a costly affair for the British government. According to the Daily Star, fellow convicts were furious when they were informed that Carr is going to live in the rich welfare state Sweden on British tax payers’ expense, reported the Swedish paper Aftonbladet.

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