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May have filmed the Seljord monster

Swedish Jan-Ove Sundberg is sure there is a great unknown creature living in the Seljordvannet. He now has footage of something he thinks may be the Seljord monster.

This weekend his team GUST, Global Underwater Search Team consisting of five persons team, will study the film to see if they finally have proof of the monster’s existence.

Unfortunately, Sundberg did not manage to properly focus while he filmed what can have been the Seljord monster.

«The automatic zoom did not want to lock onto the object because the sun light was too strong,» Sundberg said to TV 2 Nettavisen.

All the same, Sundberg claims that the footage is good.

«It’s either a head or a part of the back,» Sundberg said. «It moved rather fast across the water. This weekend we are going to download the video to a computer and try to improve the photo quality.»

First after studying the pictures will Sundberg, who have been looking for the Seljord monster for years, be able to decide if he has found evidence for it existence of not. He has spent August at Seljordvannet to search for the monster that he is sure exists. He has been at Seljordvannet four times before and has earlier searched for Loch Ness in Scotland.

It was on this year’s last day of searching that Sundberg started to film something that he first thought was a buoy.

«I wanted some material to compare with later,» Sundberg explained. «When I zoom on the buoy, I saw that it moved rather fast. I thought it could not possible be the monster. When it’s 30 degrees warm, you don’t think strait.»

He said that after a while he understood that the object may not be a buoy after all, among things, because it moved faster than the current in the water. When he looked at the object through the camera, he saw something that could have been the head or the back of the Seljord monster.

«I address the others and pointed at it,» Sundberg explained. «It looks like a buoy, but I don’t know if it is one, I said. Suddenly, it disappeared.»

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