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Men acquitted after spanking youth

Sist oppdatert:
Two men were acquitted in court after taking the law in their own hands and spanking the behind of a 19-year-old twenty times with an evergreen branch.

The two men, age 40 and 53 years of age, from Vinje, Telemark, were acquitted for the incident in Western Telemark country court last week, according to the local paper, Telemarksavisa.

The two men allegedly contacted the youth on the evening of September 4. After talking with him for a short time, they took the 19-year-old with them to Vinjevatn, where they asked him to take off his pants. The youth was then allegedly spanked twenty times with an evergreen branch and ten times with a birch branch.

The alleged reason for the punishment was that the 19-year-old had stolen money and a car from them, and the two men just decided to take the law into their hands.

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