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Men charged with slavery in prostitution case

Three men are charged with slavery after two younger women from Eastern Europe allegedly were forced into prostitution in Oslo.

A total of eight men and one woman have been charged in the case.

According to the police, the women did not have any independence during their stay in Norway. They were taken to Norway by force in 2001 when they were 20 and 21 years old, according to the Norwegian paper Dagbladet.

One of the women has applied for asylum in Norway and lives in the witness protection program until the case starts. The other woman was deported in February 2001, and she lives under the protection of the public prosecuting authority in Lithuania.

Five of the nine who are charged in the case are detained in remand. The three men charged with slavery are considered to be the principal offenders. They are from Georgia and Lithuania.

The slavery paragraph is used very seldom in Norway, and according to the paper, the last time there was a conviction based on this paragraph was during the World War II.

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