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Men more positive to the next royal successor

Norwegian men are more positive than women to the new royal successor as women are more sceptical to the royalty than men.

Many Norwegian women do not think that the child Crown Princess Mette-Marit is carrying, will become the next Norwegian regent, according to a poll conducted by TNS Gallup on behalf of the radio channel Kanal 24.

Wenche Mühleisen is a media and gender researcher. She said she thinks there is a combination of two things which make women more sceptical to the monarchy. Firstly, many women identify with the left wing in Norwegian politics, something which means that many of them are republicans, and secondly, equality is one of the reasons why women do not like royalty.

«They are more conscious of the gender conservatism in the monarchy, and this is not in women’s interest,» Mühleisen said.

Men are positive
Norwegian men, on the other hand, are positive to the Norwegian monarchy and to the future. 72 percent of the men asked said the Norwegian monarchy will remain in place so long that the next in line will become the regent of Norway after Crown Prince Haakon.

Mühleisen said she had some ideas of how the Norwegian royalty could gain the support of more Norwegian women.

«The monarchy must prove that women and men are equal as they are in the rest of Norwegian society,» Mühleisen stated. «And the female persons in the monarchy must meet the expectations of the modern woman by being independent and have interest of their own.»

Mühleisen said that it is nice to take joy in the coming of a new family member, but she stated that she as a republican can not get exited over the incident.

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