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Military planned to burn Finnmark

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A secret government document from the Cold War reveals that the military and the government planned to evacuate and burn Finnmark if the USSR attacked.

The Germans terrorized Finnmark with its slash and burn tactics during WWII. Historical documents now indicate the Norwegian authorities planned to use a similar method if the Soviet Union attacked, reported NRK Finnmark.

The book with the shocking information was launched in Oslo Thursday afternoon. It is penned by Kjetil Skogrand, researcher at the Norwegian Institute for Defense Studies.

«At the time, they suspected that the main attack on Norway would come from the south, and then it was no other way to look at it than that the most populated areas in the country, the capital among others, was more important than Finnmark,» said Skogrand to TV 2 Nettavisen. «Then Finnmark had to be scarified.»

He stated that there was great pessimism during the 1950s when the forces of the Soviet Union were enormous.

«Commander in chief, the country manager, and a number of other officials attended a meeting some time ago where they agreed to in complete secret prepare plans for a total evacuation,» states the secret document TV 2 Nettavisen got access to.

When the plans were made, it was six years since the Germans forced Norwegians to involuntarily evacuation Finnmark.

«It was viewed as difficult to defend Finnmark since the county is so large and flat,» Skogrand said. «During the entire Cold War, it was viewed as a difficult area to defend.»

He said that the defense line remain to this day.

«If you look at a map, the first area which is possible to defend against a superior enemy is Troms. The defense line still exists,» Skogrand said.

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