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Military sells subs to Poland

While Norwegians love to import cheap, Polish labor, the military sells Norwegian submarines for a symbolic amount to the Polish military.

The Polish Navy has purchased five submarines of the type Kobber for a symbolic amount, reported the Norwegian paper Stavanger Aftenblad’s web edition.

The investment does not put a large strain on the Polish defense budget because Norway is selling the five submarines for NOK 5 (USD 0.78). The value of the submarines from the 1960 is estimated to NOK 1.2 billion (USD 186.6 million).

The submarines will soon leave the Norwegian Royal Navy’s main base Haakonsvern outside Bergen.

The submarines have been modernized and upgraded with new technology before they were given to the new NATO navy in Poland. The submarines are a gift from the Norwegian government to the Polish, reported the paper.

Nettavisen ønsker en åpen og levende debatt.

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