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Minister of Education refused IQ test

Foto: Liv Ekeberg

Kristin Clemet left in protest after she was informed that the television channel NRK planned to tell viewers who of the celebrities had the highest IQ during the live TV-show Sunday.

17.09.03 12:17

Clemet was supposed to participate in the TV program “Test the nation”, but she left the studio right before the airing when it was made known that the TV presenters intended to reveal who had the highest IQ, according to the paper VG.

“The circumstances for participating were not what we had agreed upon ahead of the show. I had not agreed to participate in an individual competition,” Clemet said.

Clemet was going to participate in the program with seven other celebrities, and among these NRK was going to select the smartest one after they had answered 70 questions during a certain period of time.

According to Annika Bjørnstad, head of TV at NRK, NRK was informed that Clemet did not want to participate because of personal reasons. TV-presenter Hilde Hummelvoll also stated to VG that Clemet passed on participating because of personal reasons, but Øyvind Lund, project leader, did not want to comment.

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