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Minister wants duty on airline fuel

Norwegian Minister of the Environment Knut Arild Hareide wants higher duties on airline fuel, and thereby, following in the footsteps of Denmark and Germany.

After the Danish and the German ministers of the environment declared that they wanted airlines to pay a CO2 duty, Hareide has followed their lead.

«I think it’s positive that countries in the EU are working for solutions that may make it possible to institute efforts against CO2 emissions from fuel used in international aviation,» Hareide said to the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen. «Norway wants to support this.»

The Danish Minister of the Environment Connie Hedegaard, criticised the airline companies in the paper Politiken.

«There is something wrong in the transportation sector when aviation fuel is exempt from CO2 duties in contrast to all other sectors,» Hedegaard said to the paper Politiken.

She stated that the greenhouse effect is three times higher when the emissions occur 10,000 meter above sea level than if it occurred on the ground.

The German Minister of the Environment Jürgen Trittin stated that he want a collected EU against the US in this case. The US was exempt for aviation fuel in the Kyoto agreement of 1997.

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