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Model protested against whaling

The whaling season has just started. Model Lisa B. and actor Brian Blessed protested outside the Norwegian embassy in central London Tuesday.

Lisa B. and Brian Blessed, actor known from movies like «Hamlet» and «Much ado for nothing», participated in a protest outside Norway’s embassy in London together with several other animal rights activists. The protest against Norwegian whaling was proclaimed with slogans and posters, in addition to a model of a bloody harpoon, placed on the sidewalk in front of the embassy.

«The Norwegians have got their own oil, they farm, they don't need this, they are completely self-sufficient and very prosperous,» Blessed said to BBC News Online. «Why in Hell's name do they want to kill whales? Whales are close to us - they have mothers and babies.»

Iceland decided last year to resume whaling in order to study «the whales influence on the sea’s eco system».

Norwegian authorities have issued a quota of 670 minke whale during a season which started Tuesday and lasts to August 31. The opening of the whaling season is always met with laud protests from animal rights activists.

hvalprotest, Den britiske modellen Lisa B, ambassaden i London
hvalprotest, Den britiske modellen Lisa B, ambassaden i London

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