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More children get into drugs

The police in Oslo have so far this year registered 430 children and teenagers who have frequent the drug environment at Plata. The number has almost doubled from last year.

226 girls and 204 boys are registered so far this year. Four of the users are only 12 years old, and one of three has a minority background, according to the Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

“The numbers in the statistics are ugly, and they indicate an actual and considerable increase of people under age who of different reasons are drawn to the drug environment,” said Geir Nerland, acting daily manager at the police post at Oslo S, to the paper.

The children registered have acted in such a way that the police are concerned that they are going to be recruited into the environment. Some of them has purchased, sold or been of in possession of narcotics.

“The youth who end up in our statistics has not necessarily committed any offences,” Nerland said. “Some are about to, but we stop them before they do. Other has gotten astray into the environment for the first time, and we talk to them and tell them that children do not belong here. They are not registered at the first observation, but if they return. In most cases, we contact their parents.”

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