More job ads online

To a larger degree, companies choose to advertise vacant positions online rather than in newspapers, according to a new survey.

15.10.04 11:22

So far this year, the number of ads online has increased 42 percent, while the increase reported by the news papers amounts to 4.9 percent, according to an overview compiled by Interesseorganisasjonen for interaktiv markedsføring (INMA) and MBL Nettforum.

Job opening ads have been sold for NOK 40 million (USD 6 million) this year.

«Internet is the large winner when the market for vacant positions once again is on its way up,» said Odd-Erik Martinsen at the recruiting firm Personalhuset, to the news agency Newswire. «The growth reflects that the Internet is becoming more and more accessible.»

The shift in the market may also be explained by the fact that the Internet has become more user-friendly.

Pål Øverby, head of the ad department at the Norwegian daily Aftenposten, said he does not think vacant position ads are going to disappear completely from the papers anytime soon. Even if the number of paper ads is declining, the paper ads still amount to 80 percent of the market.

However, Martinsen claims the newspapers will lose larger and larger shares to the Internet in the time to come.

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