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More money to predators than the elderly

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The Norwegian government spends more money per predator in the wild than the minimum federal social security paid to a retired person.

A retired person get a minimum of NOK 150,000 (USD 22,000) paid by the Norwegian federal government, while the governments spends NOK 200,000 (USD 29,000) per predator.

“This indicates how absurd the system has become,” said Kenneth Svendsen, parliament member for the Progress party (Frp), to the Norwegian paper Avisa Nordland.

The Norwegian government uses approximately NOK 120 million (USD 17 million) each year to manage and compensate for damages due to the about 600 large predators in Norway.

According to calculations conducted by VG, Norwegians who have not secured a private savings plan or pension plan through their place of employment get about NOK 150,000 (USD 22,000) annually from the time they reach 67 years old.

Torny Pedersen, Labor party member, said she is worried by the development. She claims NOK 120 million (USD 17 million) is a lot of money, and the amount should be reduced.

However, Ivar Kristiansen from the Conservative party, claims the use of the money for management of predators is responsible. But on the other hand, he said he thinks the spreading of the animals should be contained in a larger degree.

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