More success in store for Norwegian novelist

Norwegian best-seller author Lars Saabye Christiansen is experiencing great success with his novel “Half Brother”. The novel is now sold to 23 countries.

Saabye Christiansen, winner of a prestigious award from Nordisk Råd, continues to conquer more readers abroad. After the book fair in Frankfurt, the book is sold to 23 countries.

Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Serbia are the last countries to be added to the list of buyers of the popular book.

Saabye Christiansen is planning to travel extensively next year to launch his novel. He is, among other things, taking a trip to the US, where the market is known to be extremely tough. The book has already been published in Great Britain and it has received good reviews there.

In addition, the author’s latest book, “Maskeblomstfamilien”, has been sold to four publishing houses abroad.

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