More Swedes work in Norway than vice versa

There were seven times as many Swedes working in Norway than Norwegians in Sweden in 2001. The majority of Swedes in Norway work in Oslo and in surrounding areas.

The survey was conducted by Statistics Norway and Statistics Sweden on behalf of Nordisk ministerråd.

A total of 32,500 Swedes and Norwegians worked in their neighbouring country during the year 2001. Of these were 87 percent living in Sweden, but earned their wages in Norway, and 13 percents lived in Norway, but earned their wages in Sweden. Both Swedes and Norwegians moved to the capitals or the surrounding areas.

The persons who worked in the neighbouring country often made money in their home country as well.

Among the people who earned an income in both countries, Swedes who worked in Norway had a higher average salary than they would have earned at home. For the Norwegians the tendency was the opposite.

This may indicate that persons who live in Sweden, but get their income in Norway, have a more extensive and lasting relations to their Norwegian employer than Norwegians have to their Swedish employers.

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