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More violence at vacation spots

(Illustrasjonsfoto Scanpix)
Norwegian insurance companies warn of aggravated and unmotivated violence at vacation spots. Norwegians on vacation in Eastern Europe are particularly exposed.

«The aggravated violence in Eastern Europe is a massive challenge for us,» said Emma Elisabeth Vennesland, head of information at Europeiske Reiseforsikring, to the Norwegian paper Dagsavisen. «The situation has become much worse during the last two, three years. We are no longer shocked when we hear about unmotivated and aggravated violence.»

Young men vulnerable
Vennesland said that it is mainly in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Russia, Poland and the Baltic nations the violence against foreigners has increased, and young men are particularly vulnerable.

«Norwegians must be aware of the risk picture in these countries are completely different with much more aggravated violence than what we see at home and in other popular vacation countries as Spain, Greece and Turkey,» Vennesland stated.

Be careful
Vennesland urges travellers to be ware of where they travel at night in these countries. According to Vennesland, the hospitals in these countries are not the best either.

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