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More women get lung cancer

New numbers indicate that lung cancer has surpassed breast cancer as the most deadly cancer for women in Norway. Until now, more men than women got lung cancer, but the trend is changing.

The numbers were presented in the cause of death report from 1999 to 2001 and the report of death rates in Norway due to different causes from 1951 to 1998. The reports were compiled by the government health research centre and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, reports the paper Dagbladet, according to the Norwegian news bureau (NTB).

Particularly in the age group 55 to 74 have the number of deaths because of lung cancer increased significantly.

“We are seeing the effect in a great number of women who have smoked for 20 to 30 years,” said Erik Dybing, professor, at Nasjonalt folkehelseinstitutt.

According to Sjur Humerfelt, chief physician at Aker universitetssykhus, the data indicate that women have a higher chance of getting lung cancer then men. He stated that women have less reserves then men and that is one of reasons why they have a higher cancer rate.

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