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Mother ignited teddy in her son's bed

Foto: Erlend Aas / SCANPIX
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OSLO COUNTRY COURT (TV 2 Nettavisen): A 39-year-old woman is charged with arson in the first degree after she lit the teddy bear on her son’s bed on fire.

The woman, who met in Oslo county court Wednesday, is facing a charge of arson in the first degree. The fire the woman started in the bedroom she and her son slept resulted in the death of a man and a woman received severe injuries after jumping from the fourth floor in order to escape the fire.

I lit the teddy on fire

In court Wednesday, the woman stated that she did not remember much of the fire she started on the second of September two years ago.

“I only remember parts,” she said in court. “I remember standing in my son’s room. I lit the teddy which lays at the bottom of his bed on fire, and I then lied down on the sofa in the living room.”

She said she remembers that after she had been laying on the sofa awhile and taken a smoke, her 6-year-old son started to cry.

The woman said in court that she therefore went into the bedroom and saw her son standing between his and her bed with sot in his face.

“I was shocked,” the woman stated. “I thought, ‘what has happened, what have I done?’”

Lived in a glass cage

The woman does not have a good answer why she lit the teddy on fire. About the situation she put her son in, the woman said:

“For me, my son was irrelevant.”

The 39-year-old said that she at the time before the fire was very depressed.

“I felt like I was living in a class cage,” she said.

The reason why she felt like she was living in a glass case was, according to her, that she had just broken off a relationship with a man in May of that year.

I have lit it on fire

Finally, the woman grabbed her son, and pulled him out of the house.

Outside on the street, she eventually met the police, and said:

“I have lit it on fire. The struggle is over now.”

In court, the woman’s defense lawyer wanted to know why she said “the struggle is over now.”

“I think it mainly was an expression for the fact that I was so tired,” the woman said in Oslo county court.

During the court case Wednesday, the woman pleaded not guilty.

There will been made a request of compensation in the case.

According to the lawyer of the daughter of whose father was killed in the fire, they will make a request of more than NOK 100,000 (USD 14,000) in compensation.

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