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Mother moves too much for social services

A 28-yar-old mother moved 18 times in nine years. According to social services, it is just too many times and they want to remove the child from the home.

Social services claim the mother has problems with coming to terms with her own troubled childhood when she was in the custody of social services, and that she as a result of it moves every time things go wrong. They claim the frequent moves, along with the mother’s personal economy lead to the fact that the child lack material things, miss too much of school, and does not form relationships with friends and she has no social network outside her own home

Stable and sharp

The expert reports state that the daughter is stable, sharp and eager to learn. There are several times noted that mother and daughter love each other dearly.

“I love my mom more than the stars,” the daughter said to the court appointed expert psychologist, according to the paper Nordlys.

But all the same, social services in Målselv want to remove the daughter from her mother, and the court case starts in Senja country court Monday.

“Forced to move”

“It is not fun and it is not easy to move, for me or my daughter, but I do not think she has been damaged by it,” said Elin Blix. “In order to provide a house, food and clothes for my daughter, I need to have a job, and then I have to move where the jobs are. Besides, social services and the social security office are responsible for many of my moves.”

“When I for example has gone to the social security office and asked for money, I have been told that I had to find a cheaper apartment first, and then I have done it,” said the 28-year-old single mother. “If I was a drug addict, beaten her or abused her, I could have understood it, but I do not do any of those things. I know that I am not a bad mother.”

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